Riding the Oxymoron Express: AOL claims victory as fastest dial-up download

Wondering which ISP will help you get those web pages downloaded fastest? It’s AOL 9.0 Optimized, according to a news release about a study released today.
But as Mark Goldston, CEO of competitor United Online, pointed out, the most relevant data point here may be that dial-up access can be accelerated. “AOL and others introducing accelerated dial-up products that they claim perform exceptionally well is a great thing for dial-up industry,” Goldston said in a recent CNET article. “For us, it will be a great credibility strike if they’re out for $23.90 charging you for accelerated dial-up product, and we’re out there for $14.95. We’ve just now inherited a phenomenal benchmark for accelerated dial-up with AOL that we can be compared against.”