Six Degrees of Seperation: The Black Out version

So, yesterday I’m caught in NYC in the blackout and it takes 6 hours to get out of the city and home to my business partner’s house is Westchester. Mayor Bloomburg says “Take a snow day and stay home,” and it is a beautiful Friday morning when we awaken in the burbs. We’re supposed to meet with a friend and potential client in midtown, so we decided to drive back into Manhattan. Even though much of the city’s power is still off, the friend has sent an email that the meeting’s on.
Okay, so it’s 90 degrees in NYC and there are so few cars we can park in the street. But our meeting never happens..the building–and the company are closed. After about 40 minutes of waiting around, our friend calls and we work out plan #2.
After the details are worked out, friend says: By the way, you know I’m subletting my apartment in NYC, right? So I came in from California at 3 am last night and there was a business card on my dining room table from one of the partners at 5ive (my consulting company).
It turns out that said friend is subletting his apartment to DJ Spooky, who met with one of my 4 5ive partners this week! And we’re meeting with said friend today (only we didn’t beccause of the black out).
If there are no coincidences, then what does this one portend? Is this a small world or what?