Six More Degrees of DJ Spooky

So I finally got home from New York yesterday, and when I opened up my email last night, there was a note from a NYC friend to his West Coast pals, telling us his buddy DJ Spooky was spinning in the Mission and we could get on the guest list–and here’s Spooky’s email address, just let him know.
So in 36 hours, I went from someone who had no connection to Spooky, to a friend of a friend, to a direct contact, all without taking any real action on my end.
How wonderfully wierd and small world is that?
P.S. I emailed Spooky, told him the story, and that I planned to come see him. Then we got totally lost in the hills in SF and never made it (we ended up in Daly City, somehow) at 1 am and decided to go home.