Who will be the next editor of The New York Times Magazine and other snarky bits

WARNING: This is in the you might not give a rat’s $&%#@$ department, but Gawker repeats the current NY city-side specs about who’ll be the next editor of the Times Mag now that Adam Moss has a new Times job. Whispers on the avenues are that Jacob Weisberg of Slate is a front-runner for the spot.
Here’s the on the money comment from snark of snark.com about the Times’ move toward hipness in general, and about the probably hiring of SLATE editor Jacob Weisberg for the NYT in particular:
Jodi kantor isn’t a blogger, and wasn’t one at slate–it’s just that her style seems overly influenced by the short-attention-span theater that is the web. i loves blogs–here i am on gawker–they are flippy and entertaining and point you towards interesting stuff. it’s just that once the stuff they point towards starts pointing back, there’s nothing left! someone needs to produce the actual fucking *content*.”