Ad Targeting and the 2004 Elections

Seems to me that one of the ways online advertising is going to make $$ in the 2004 elections is through very precise ad targeting–to both psychographic and geogaphic audiences. The New York Times, Washington Post, USA Today, AOL and other big sites have been working hard on their ability to target in these ways, but how about the smaller sites? The little newspaper sites, the local newspaper chains, etc? What tools will they need to get their share of online paid political advertising?
I am working on a story on paid political advertising and the elections and find this topic really fascinating. We are definitely at a transition point. Dean & Co. have shown us that politicians can make money and sign up campaigners on the web, a huge quantum leap from 2002’s focus on putting all the data online so consumers could read it and make considered decisions.
More on this later…piece due in 10 days.