BloggerCon: Oct 4-5 Conference aka lovefest/groupgrope/HS reunion

Hey, it’s almost BloggerCon!
A week from now I will be hosting a dinner at a fun ethnic restaurant somewhere in Cambridge, hopefully dining with lots of interesting people,
In some ways, bringing together so many passionate people for a weekend feels like high school, as in, what if they all go hang out with someone cooler than me (’cause there always is someone cooler than me, I’m on the low-key side of coolness, more hipster chic, I’d say.)
The list of people coming to the event is here;I started to list folks I was excited about seeing/meeting, but deleted it because the list was too long and, hey, sounded like HS.
So, here’s the deal: this event is going to be a lovefest/group grope/HS reunion, all of the above. If you are anywhere near Boston and you like blogging–come on in, it will be fun. Here’s where to sign up for day 2.