BloggerCon Technology Discussion update

I had trouble figuring out and then finding the story I posted on BloggerCon yesterday about the latest on the Technology discussion, so I am going to repeat the info in this email as a means to make sure people see it.
The Tech discussion is on for Sunday, and we have a number of people who will be taking part and leading parts of the discussion. We are also looking for more people to let us know they are planning to come, so we can include their ideas/thoughts/links in pre-discussion and take away materials.
Please email me if you’re interested in adding your voice to this conversation.
People involved (no particular order here)
Frank Paynter
Kevin Marks
Amy Wohl
Dan Bricklin
Roland Tanglao
Greg Allen
Dan Mitchell
Susan Mernit
Deejee from BloggerJack, Scott Brodeur from Mass Live, and Heath Row have also said they may swing by…so has Steve Yost, who developed the amazingly useful QuickTopic discussion system.
Some of the questions we are considering:
1) What is a blogger’s bill of rights? (Roland)
2) What are the gaps between how a techie sees a product and a user? How do you make blog tools more marketable? (Amy)
3) What are the things about blogging tools that really piss you off? Your wish list? (everyone)
4) How does the technology shape the dialogue? What are the constraints? Opportunities?
5) Audio and mob blogging–and the semantic web–how to think about new forms (Kevin)
6) Business models and revenue and what users want–emerging business models and ways to make money–can it be done? (Susan)
We want this to be an interesting discussion and provocative session–what else should we be talking about that you’d like to bring up pre conference?
See you in Boston!