Eichler-world: Block party in the modern zone

More than 36% of San Jose, California’s , population is born outside the US, the 6th largest percentage of any US city(#1 is South Florida). This fact gives particular resonance to my impressions of the block party my husband’s band played for last night in an neighborhood of San Jose filled with Eichler houses.
Here’s the setting: a beautiful street filled with modern homes with flst roofs, atriums in the center, 200 neihgbors milling about chatting, tables of home made food—mango salsa and chips, risotto rice cakes, empanadas, Louisiana hot links, coleslaw, cookies, brownies, etc. A HUGE container of home-made Margaritas.
A 4-piece blues and R&B band, kicking out tunes. A couple of rented rides for the kids. Lots of good cheer and smilies.
But except for about 6 people, everyone out of the 200 seemed to be white–in a city known for its diverse populations. Surprising. But the only odd note in a very nice night (it’s great to see dozens of people dancing to your husband’s band, not wanting them to stop playing, digging every aspect of the music, and all outside in the cool air under the bright California stars.