Queen Charlotte Islands offered to Haida Nation by British Columbia

from tidepool.org, an environmental news site: Haida offered fifth of islands
In an unprecedented move, the province is offering the Haida Nation 20 per cent of the Queen Charlotte Islands, hoping to end confrontation and conflict over land use in that area. In return for the land, the government wants the Haida to suspend a rights and title lawsuit in B.C. Supreme Court — which claims ownership of the Queen Charlottes, including offshore oil and gas rights — and wants the Haida to “re-engage” in the treaty process. The offer is 2,000 square kilometres of Crown land, of which half would be owned outright by the Haida with the remainder reserved for Haida tenures, protected areas or co-management. It is the largest chunk of land proffered in any of B.C.’s treaty talks.
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The Queen Charlotte Islands are my dream destination, the place I most want to visit. There are Haida villages there with totems just as they were hundreds of years ago, protected in a vast wilderness forest with restricted (human) access. Politically sensitive Canada does something for their indigenous people, once again.