Where will blogging be a year from now?

Here’s what Phil Wolf says at a klog apart:
10 million people doing it.
The name shifted from blogs to journals.
Boutique consultants helping non-writers write, managers manage, marketers market, until everyone realizes it’s just like email.
At least three blogging jokes on Letterman.
All the presidential campaigns will have team blogs. And so will most congressional campaigns.
The Governor of California will start a weblog.
Ghost blogging will pick up.
Universities will issue blogging tools with admission and with registration for each course.
AOL, Google, Yahoo and MSN will badly pay designers for creating cool blogging templates for their new blogspaces.
And everyone will become a political blogger after the Democratic primary
My two cents on this:
Blog tools will be tweaked to make blogging a fast and cheap publishing platform for academia, small business, and local community group.
Google will develop an AdSense type blogging network with seperate pricing, and AOL will copy the concept
New York media types currently marvelling over odd posts on Craig’s List move on to celebrity blogs by folks like JT LeRoy and Chloe Sevigny. Can you spell ‘This is so over?’
At least 3 novels will appear written as blogs. Two wil be chicklit paperbacks. One will be serious literature by a young maverick.
Want to play? Post your predictions/wish list here.