Will $2MM plus coffee beans suport a browser business for Mozilla?

Now that AOL–oops, I mean TWX–has given the Mozilla people $2MM to fund the Mozilla Foundation, offloading millions of dollars of staff, G&A, and insurances costs in the process, doesn’t it make you feel good to know that you too can do your part to fund the Mozilla Foundation’s efforts–all you have to do is buy a bag of coffee and RJ Tarpleys Coffee Company will share part of the money with the lizard people. Geeze, this is going to raise money about as quickly as Netscape managed to put out the 7.0 release!
Folks, if you really want to develop a browser alternatiive and have a viable business to support your foundation, you need to focus on making that happen. Otherwise, you’re going to burn through the AOL money and be a hobby for lots of techies—-maybe you are that, already.

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