BloggerCon: On the Brink

It’s BloggerCon Time–Boston is beautiful today–crisp and sunny, with the slight cold snap that’s so complementary to all the Federal red brick buildings. Makes me understand why so many romantic films and tear-jerkers end up being set here…it’s charming.
The Hotel at MIT is a hgh tech heaven, with chip boards as decorative elements on the armoire, and as fast a T-1 as I’ve seen (they take their high-speed as seriously as their coffee, I can tell.
Saw a bevvy of blogger in the lobby as I was checking in and made myself come up to the room–I am going to be immersed in bloggers all weekend; this is my chance to actually blog in private (three words I’ve never used together before, believe me), make some calls, answer emails, and hope I feel like my grown-up confident calm self once I hit the conference, not the other Susan who can veer between wild excitement and intense shyness (two words most people do not associate with me.)
Anyway, I am here, I am going to the party tonight, and I am psyched!
If you are reading this and you are at the conference, please say hi.
And Dave Winer, you rock for pulling this off and inviting me.