BloggerCon: The next ‘Cluetrain’ panel

Chris Lyndon moderates Doc Searls, Liz Spiers, Jim Moore and Adam Curry: How much are things being transformed, and how?
Doc Searls: we need more blogers among the troops, part of the collective wisdom.”
Jim Moore: “We need a system that allows for a deeper and deeper pragmatism and a deeper and deeper truth.” (Not sure I know what that means.)
Adam Curry: People are tired of the dishonesty of television. That’s just not the way real life works.” (See The Zen TV Experiment)
Esther Dyson (audience): “What happens when blogging genuinely gets democratic and its being done by the PTA and people in local towns, people in Iraq, not the elite.”
Liz Spiers: “One of the related problems is filtering and developing better tools. One some extent you can rely on specific people, but there needs to be a better way to identify news sources and master the technical problem. ”
Amy Wohl: Getting all this worked out is not as hard as you think it is.
Susan Mernit’s thoughts: This panel had terrific people, but the discussion seemed a little all over the place.