BloggerCon: What if you were Blogger in Chief for the New York Times?

Dave Winer posted this question.
Here’s what I think:
If I were the chief blogger for the New York Times, the first question we;’d address would be how to position blogs at the Times.
I’d roll out three distinctive types of blogs:
1) Adjuncts or complements to columnists and critics
2) Event based blogs
3) Expert/community blogs
Here’s what this would look like:
1) Adjuncts or complements to columnists and critics
These blogs would be written by columnists or critics and edited by Times news staff according to an agreed-upon editorial policy. Merc columnist Dan Gillmor’s blog is a good example of this type.
2) Event based blogs
If I was chief blogger at the NY Times, I’d work with the assigning editors so that they could have the means to invite participants in events to blog about those events and related ideas and concepts. Examples: Bernadette Peters blogging as she performs in a Broadway show that’s been a hit for 3 months. Art critic Steven Madoff blogging from his visit to the Venice Biennale. A HS principal blogging about life under Joel Klein.
These blogs would exist as web exclusives, but could be edited and related to articles in the paper as well.
3) Expert/community blogs
This is where group blogs, linking blogs, and blogs by readers would come together.
The Times could support blogs on topics of interest to readers, such as finance & investing, a current sports team or competition, fashion and style. Each blog would have an editor/expert assigned by the Times, who would post items and link, but readers could also contribute or submit post–think of Boing Boing as a potential model.
The editor of this blog would also be responsible for linking out to blogs on related topics and issues, and ideally would be able to even link at the XML/message level by using Feedster/Technorati like search technologies.
4) My NYTimes blogs
The Times could go one step further–I would–and set up My Times with a blog interface delivering RSS feeds of the above blogs as well as selected partner feeds (AP, Reuters, selected blogger, etc.)
5) NY Times blogspace
Would readers want to blog in NYTimes space? A question well worth piloting for the 2004 elections when tons of readers will want to comment on stories and events.
A great way for a news site to distinguish themselves online.