Blogs before bedtime: Reading around the Blogosphere

The Island Chronicles: It’s a South Pacific Island, and Mark and Carla’s baby is sick. What to do?
Anil Dash’s Six Log Interview with Paul Bausch: PB is one of my blogging heroes,, his personal site, is quiet but smart, and I really like his work with Amazon and books.
Great Anil quote from his other blog:
“So, since I’m not involved hands-on in building tools and tech anymore, I wanted to help build an outlet for those who are. It’s a good way to share new ideas, but it’s also hopefully a good way to remind the other geniuses out there that others are interested in the great ideas behind their unassuming demeanors.
There’s other kinds of geeks, of course. There’s combatative, angry testosterone-powered geeks, and there’s artsy geeks and a thousand other kinds. But the ones who are busy spending their free time building new things on the Internet and connecting them together should do justice to their work by helping others to connect with them as individuals.”
Oliver Wrede’s got a list of useful blog tools.