Dept of amusing coincidences: Newsweek, edition

Setting: An elevator at Newsweek in midtown Manhattan.
Players: Two staffers and Steven Madoff, my 5ive business partner, who is in the building to meet a friend for lunch, and is taking the elevator up to her floor.
First Newsweeker (continuing a discussion begun before Steven gets in the elevator): “Is blogging a fad, or it is gong to be the next big thing?”
Second Newsweeker: “Well, Susan Mernit thinks it is going to be big.”
Steven (doing a double take): You know Susan Mernit?”
Second Newsweeker: “I read her blog.”
Naturally, conversation ensues and it turns out that the second Newsweeker is R.A., also k now as Multimedia Man, who used to work with me at an earlier job.