Dept of Amusing Coincidences, Part 72

So my friends Jill and Gab have come east from New York for a few days and are staying with us till Friday. We talk last night to make arrangements for them to get her today.
Jill: “We land at 11 and then we’re going to Berkley to have lunch with a college friend.”
Susan: “Really–I am having lunch in Berkeley, too. Where are you eating?”
Jill: ” Chez Panisse.”
Susan: “Me, too.”
Sure enough, 10 minutes after my lunch companion and I took our table, Jill and Gab and their friend appeared and had their own lunch.
Small world, but I wouldn’t want to paint it, as Steven Wright famously said.
Okay–do you want to know what I ate?
Garden salad
Poached eggs with sauteed flagelots(beans), spinach, and mushrooms, with toast
A Frog Hollow Bartlett pear with Barhi dates
Yes, it was all great.