Looking Back: the week in New York

I ended up coming down a cold and sore throat and canceling most of my Friday appointments. Hot tea at my brother’s apartment won out over seeing friends, especially since I had a 4 AM Saturday departure for the airport.
Some highlights of the week:
–Lunch at The Century Club, both for the amazing Stanford White building and my lunch partner’s conversation.
–Discussions about a new project that involves creating (and licensing) creative learning materials for an education-focused nonprofit that’s been running programs for many years, but has no products that can carry their message and bring them earned income.
–Talking with a former staffer and old friend who’s decided to go back to school and become a teacher. She was set on Hunter because she wanted to start classes this winter. I advised also checking out Bank Street and Columbia Teachers College. She went up to Bank Street and fell in love with the program–it feels good when advice is useful.
— Board and committee meetings for Teachers Network, a curriculum and policy-focused nonprofit whose board I’ve joined.
–Seeing family: Staying with my brother and sister allowed me to spend time in the evenings with them, and with my nephews, ages 5, 7, and 10.
–Visiting Reverend Claude Jeter, the 89-year old lead singer of the Swan Silvertones, a friend of my husband’s who is considered one of the greatest Gospel singers of all time.
Low points:
–The difficult of finding Wi-Fi that worked for me in midtown and the absolute lack of any Wi-Fi in the Riverdale high-rises, meaning it was dial-up all the way.
–Similar problems with my cell phone, which had trouble finding a signal in Riverdale, South Salem, and too many parts of Manhattan. As soon as November 24th hits and I can keep my number, Sprint’s going to be history.
–New glasses: I am squinting, again.