Moving toward micro-subscriptions: Disney Online & WalMart team up

Disney and WalMart have teamed up to offer families the chance to buy a prepaid online subscription card–much like a phone card–that can be used to activate a one-month subscription to two of Disney’s popular children’s sites– Disney Blast and Toontown. .
The program utilizes AT&T PrePaid Web Cents technology, which provides a secure payment alternative for online content. The cards will cost $9.94 for a one-month subscription, with longer membership packages available at reduced rates. Wal-Mart will activate the cards at the point of sale, whereupon users can access online content by entering a serial and PIN number on the card.
Seems to me this is a clear integration of some technology and new business models—these monthly sub fees could be HUGE in the teen/entertainment market, as well as in sports.