PhillyMag: Jake Tapper Gets Bashed

Romenesko points to a just-published piece in Philadelphia Magazine that purports to tell the “inside story” of newly hired ABC News correspondent Jake Tapper. According to the PhillyMag senior writer Stephen Roderick, author of the piece, “Jake Tapper has arrived. More precisely, Jake Tapper has crawled and scratched his way into the media power elite/.” and “…Bad Jake has sold out for the big bucks in a medium where tough questions are shouted down by Entertainment Tonight babes. ”
The bile in this piece makes the flame wars among bloggers seem civilized.
The author seems to have it in for Tapper because he is handsome, a bit of a womanizer, and a successful–and ambitious–journalist. Philadelphia Magazine apparently also has a bone to pick with Tapper–according to Philly Citypaper, they ran an article in 2001 called “Beer and Loathing” that was very negative, so this is their second pass at a hatch-job. (What–they hate him for moving to DC?)
Why am I blogging this?
I met with Jake Tapper several times during 2002 to discuss involving him in a project I was developing for my then-employer (AOL), and found him to be smart, charming, and full of great ideas. He totally got the concepts we were developing, and he would have added a lot of value to the project. The Jake Tapper I met doesn’t sound at all like the slimy putz the PhillyMag trash piece portrays.
Further,Philadelphia Magazine seems to forget one thing: ambitious or not, Jake Tapper is talented.