Press Think asks What’s conservative about the weblog form in journalism?

Jay Rosen brings it all home in another terrific analytical post. Some snippets:
5.) A weblog in revolt against journalistic authority will discover that it needs itself some kind of authority, (even if it’s among like-minded rebels) and thus the revolt is always a limited and partial one.
6.) The quality of any weblog in journalism depends greatly on its fidelity to age old newsroom commandments ( virtues) like check facts, check links, spell things correctly, be accurate, be timely, quote fairly. And as Roy Peter Clark says, if you’re telling a story and there’s a dog, get the name of the dog.
7.) People still want to know: how do you know this? What expertise, body of knowledge, authority, or direct experience lies behind a weblog’s statements about the world?
Rosen’s ten are all worth reading.