Primedia sells Sprinks, partners with Google

Primedia is partnering with Google and selling Sprinks. Here’s a quote from Dean Nelson, their Chairman: “We realized early that contextual advertising had great potential across the Internet and on our content sites in particular. We partnered with Google
because their vast base of advertisers will allow us to accelerate the benefits of contextual advertising across our Internet sites and enable us to
more effectively monetize our website traffic than we could with Sprinks alone.”
Translation: Google continues its relentless focus on paid search keywords and contextual text advertising, partnering with media entities, portals, and everyone else to maximize advertising revenue. Primedia is interested in cash to improve their P&L–they get it in two ways here–through a sale, and as part of an advertising network. This is also a neat way to continue to integrate and Google–Google is already the main point of entry into their pages.