Craig’s List: Meat Eaters Showering

A good friend of mine is an expert at picking out (sometimes unintentionally) humorous postings on Craig’s List. He just sent me this one:
Meat Eaters Showering
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Date: Tue Nov 19 08:48:51 2002
Everywhere I went yesterday I heard about watching meat eaters showering. They said it could be the last chance to see them this century. I was really puzzled. Was this some burger eating, beer drinking, high fiving fraternity ritual? Apparently not. Friends and family were calling me to ask if I was going to go outside to watch them and that it was happening all around the world. They told me the best time to see them in California was 2:20 am and that there would be more than 6,000 per hour!?
Now I’ve been a vegetarian since I was a child and mainly because I never wanted to eat anything that had a mother; but I didn’t realize meat eaters were so united and seemingly unclean. But I thought what the heck, I don’t get out much ever since the fever damaged my hearing and I’d probably never have another chance to see a large bunch of meat eaters showering. I’d never consider going to the Castro on Halloween or to that Burning Man thing in the desert, so I thought I could get my jollies with an eye full seeing this spectacle. Considering how cold it was, I figured it would really be a sight. So at 2:00am I got up, grabbed my camera and blanket to check out the action …
Nothing! Nada, zilch … I saw a few other people outside, wandering around looking up in the sky. So I looked up too. Low and behold, I was lucky enough to see some shooting stars!
~ So I made a wish, upon the stars to see a meat eater shower, if even from a far ~
Ten minutes later, I decided to go back inside, alone, frustrated, cold and disgruntled. Off I went back to sleep. My missed connection: Where did the meat eaters shower??