Dept of Laughing while Blogging,

Hiawatha Bray, Boston Globe: “Consider Google’s acquisition of Blogger, one of the companies that launched the personal weblog craze. It’s got Dave Winer climbing the walls. Winer, a Berkman Fellow at the Harvard Law School, founded UserLand Software Inc., maker of the blogging program Radio Userland. Winer says that Google may crush rival blogging systems like Radio Userland.”
Andrew Bayer: “Now, I do seem to have a tendency to pick on Dave, but let’s be honest here – he generally deserves it. He’s got a raging persecution complex combined with a spot of megalomania that makes the blogging community as a whole look pretty bad.”
Blog Herald: “Andrew Bayer, one of Xians new contributors over at Radio Free Blogistan has written an interesting piece on Dave Winer vs Google.”
I’m not sure which is funnier, Bray’s quoting Winer on “unfair trade advantage” Google and their nasty toolbar/tabbed interface, Andrew Bayer, who uses Netscape (which has AOL links all over its toolbar) talking about Dave’s meglomania, or The Blog Herald for posting an item that maybe 2,000 people (okay, I’m one of them), would have any interest in.
Bottom line:
On the Globe story: It’s always great to hear about the founder of a small company with perhaps 3 employees talking about the big guys crushing him–wouldn’t it be great if those small companies grew up to be biggies–but Winer’s quotes make me embarassed for Bray, who should have known better. This is cheap copy.
On Bayer on Winer: Bayer’s got dead on comments, but truth is, I’m tired of the fact so many people feel the need to talk about either what a meglomaniac/rude person Winer or how great and what a genius he is. Like Paris Hilton, Dave is in danger of getting overexposed.