Great parties I’ve missed #23: Joi Ito at Lulu’s

For a lively and outgoing person, I have an amazing talent to end up missing evening social events–the reality is I travel alot, I hate driving alone at night, and by 10:30 PM I am usually crashing.
So it is completely typical that I missed this cool-sounding dinner at Lulu’s in SF when Joi Ito came to town.
One of the reasons I want to move to the East Bay once Zack finished high school in San Jose is that I need to live either on the BART line, or within 25 minutes of SF/Berkeley/Oakland…the drive down to the South Bay by myself at the end of the night ends up killing so many great possibilities.
Having said that, I missed this party because it was the night before Zack and I were about to go out of town on the college trip. so the other reality is that next year, when he’s off at school, I won’t be doing those Mom things.