Happy birthday, Joni Mitchell

Joni Mitchelle turned 60 today (b.1943). Driving north from San Jose to Mill Valley, KCSM jazz was on the radio and the DJ kept playing jazz covers of Mitchell’s songs–a smoky ‘Both Sides Now,” an amazing strings-driven series of songs from Blue, “Chelsea Morning,” all remade into jazz tunes. After 3 or 4 within 90 minutes, I began to worry she had died–Nope, birthday.
I have to find out who did these covers–I think it may have been Jane Monheit for one song–A case of you–, but I want to track them all down.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    a Night Ride Home
    thank you for posting hun

  2. Anonymous says:

    considering the possibly neurotic idea of sending her a rose for her next birthday . do you have an address that would be most suitable for such an interest Susan . Thank you again hun . stragler@juno.com

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