New: Pew Report on Internet and Spam

Just released: new Pew Internet & American Life Project Report on Internet and Spam:
Deborah Fallows. Senior Research Fellow at the Pew Internet & American Life Project and author of the report, says, “People just love email, and it really bothers them that spam is ruining such a good thing. People resent spam’s intrusions; they are angered by its deceptions; and they are offended by much of the truly disgusting content.”
More data:
* 75% of email users are bothered that they can’t stop the flow of spam,no matter what they do
* 70% of email users say spam has made being online unpleasant or annoying.
* 55% of email users say they get so many unwanted email messages in their personal account that it’s hard to get to the ones they want
* 30% of email users are concerned that their filtering devices may block incoming email that is important to them.