Scoble: Milpitas is ground zero for diversity

Robert Scoble on the Great Mall in Milpitas, a Thanksgiving weekend stop for him (and one of the places where I shop, when I shop): “If you want to see the huge cultural and ethnic shifts going on in the valley, this is ground zero. 20 years ago Milpitas was mostly white, with some hispanic, some black, and some Chinese. Today, whites are in the minority. Mostly Indian, Chinese, Vietnamese made up the throngs of people picking up deals. I counted at least four different languages (and a few I couldn’t identify).”
One of the things I enjoy about living in the Bay area is the amazing variety of cultures, traditions and backgrounds.. The range of nationalities Scoble notes is just as present in the East Bay, and in San Francisco itself. What’s interesting–and Scoble’s comments log reflects this–is that there is growing diversity across the country, with readers from Minnesota and Illinois, for example, commenting on the diversity in their towns.