Still in Indiana, Visiting Colleges

Day 3 of the 4-day trip to Indiana to visit music schools with Zack. I’m so ready to head back to California, you have no idea.
Indiana University, where we have been since last night, is the biggest campus I have ever been on, and I went to grad school at Ohio State. The music department is amazing and impressive; students everywhere, tantalizing music coming out of offices and practice rooms on every floor of what seems like an ever-humming beehive. Zack has met the two bass professors, played without a warmup for each of them, sat in on a bass repetoire session with Professor Hurst, been given the admissions info session by the Associate Director, along with 40 other kid/parent combos.
I’m down in the lobby having rigged my laptop to the DSL line of a non-functioning campus Mac (there is no wireless here, but computer kiosks are everywhere, allowing students to check email between building to building hikes.)
Tonight I plan to finish some work I’ve been doing for my Monday meeting, work out in the gym, eat dinner and crash. Tomorrow we drive up to the airport and then spend hours travelling back through Chicago.