Uncle Mark’s Gift Guide: Something really interesting

Okay,here’s something novel and interesting—-Anil Dash links to Mark Hurst’s Uncle Mark’s Gift Guide. This is a web site that was created solely to offer free downloads of a snazzy-looking PDF file of gift suggestions, written by Mark, and to offer links where you can purchase products on Amazon.com, generating affiliate fees for Mark.
This is a really interesting endeavor, and I’m eager to see how it does–both as a piece of free microcontent, which it is, and as a slick sales & marketing brochure for Mark’s affiiate program with Amazon.
Think about it–if this model works, we could have entrepreneurial smart people offering nicely produced PDFs of great lingerie, travel equipment and hotel room games, gourmet foods, and whatever else we can aggregate that Amazon–or anyone else with an affiiate program–happens to offer.
This seems like another variation on CafePress, in a way–or micropublishing meets the VARs.
Let us know this does, Mark, please.