• BlogPulse: New and cool

    Kevin Burton just turned me on to BlogPulse—a site that mines the date from 80,000 weblogs for phrases and person names, then presents the info via a blog site and XML feeds. UPDATE: JD picked right up on this. In playing with it a little, my sense that it reflects the wonderful randomness of the… Continue Reading

  • Resolutions, 2004

    I stopped making New Years Resolutions about 3 years ago, when life became too uncertain to really keep enough of them, but I’m approaching this year with a different set of priorities, and want to make just a couple of resolutions that I can focus on keeping. Here they are, for public sharing, in no… Continue Reading

  • Harvard Magazine Story: Blogs at Harvard

    Congrats, Dave, Wendy, and everyone! Very nice piece in the Harvard Magazine about the entry of blogging into the Harvard campus, and the creation of new communities around the blogs. It’s well worth reading, especially for those who participated in BloggerCon, held at the Berkman Center in October 2003.

  • NYC writes: Mr. and Mrs. Blog

    Just discovered Gotham Gal, a hip blog by a NYC executive mom. Intrigued by this smart, sincere, and definitely privileged author, I read her bio, clicked on a couple of links, and realized that this smart little site is written by Joanna Solomon Wilson, former exec at Silicon Alley Reporter , cofounder of the ed… Continue Reading

  • Do you ever dream about blogging?

    Last night I had my first dream involving blogging, and bloggers. In the dream, I lived in New York, and was planning to share a loft with some people–much of the activity of the dream had to do with plans about architecture and dividing up the space. But in one quick sequence, I was at… Continue Reading

  • 12 Signs It’s a Chick Flick

    Spencer Jarrett, who ended up watching ” One True Thing” with me last night, collects evidence on what makes a girly movie: –Mom has cancer –Long dinner scenes –Requires emotion ‘reading between the lines’ –Tense family get togethers –Women get all the good lines –No matter what happens to any character, their clothes are great… Continue Reading