AOL’s Big West Coast Layoff–450 jobs cut

A friend of mine who was still at AOL (until today), called last night to say he’s gotten one of those you have to show up in a conference room at 10 or else emails. We dissected the message text and decided he was probably going to lose his job.
He had no idea until he got the bad news this am that AOL was actually cutting 450 jobs–about half of their West Coast workforce.
Articles in Infoworld, , Mercury News, USA Today and much of the tech trade press reference AOL’s need to cut costs, consolidation, etc.
I’ve heard stories over the year about AOL being determined to reduce costs in the Valley, where they see salaries as high, and know of many programmers and engineers who’ve relocated to Dulles to keep their jobs.
When you think that there were 2,500 + people on the Netscape campus in December 1999, when it was wholly owned by AOL, and now there will about about 300 people, total, it’s sobering.