Bay area: Settling into a sense of community

In the past week, it feels like I am finally starting to get over the pervasive dislocation I’ve felt for the past 18 months, as I’ve moved between the Bay area and New York and back West again.
I’m starting to feel more rooted here, and in particular, more connected to people in intimate ways.
The week has been filled with calls from friends heading off on vacation, invites and plans for parties and dinners, and a new sense of opportunity in terms of deepening connections.
Some of the people I have been spending time with are more recent friends, neighbors and colleagues, others are old friends and former colleagues from Netscape. When I worked with these folks, I really liked them; now that we only have life in common, not work, I think I like them even more.
There are also a number of people around–especially in Oakland and Berkeley for some reason–bloggers and writers for the most part, whom I’ve especially eager to spend time with, and just haven’t had time. One of my New Year’s resolutions is to connect with those folks and find more time to spend with them.