Birthday weekend/Family fun

My husband hit a significant birthday today, so we planned some fun things to celebrate:
Friday, into San Fran to the extremely offbeat but charming Audium, a sound sculpture and environment, plus post-event late Thai dinner
Saturday, a drive through San Jose and up the 20 miles of curving roads to the Lick Observatory, This place fascinates me(more on that in later posts). We enjoyed the building, the telescope and the snow everywhere.
Sunday, made fruit salad and muffins for the birthday guy, then we drove down to Carmel Valley for lunch at Bernardus Winery–we thought we were eating at Marinus, but they don’t do lunch–we arrived and found out we were eating in the bistro(surprise). The food was terrific, however, and we had a nice time. Headed into (overcrowded) Carmel for a short walk, then north and home.
Back to the old grind on Monday, this was fun.