Dept of Fine Dining: Spencer style

As much as my cooking style is about fresh ingredients quickly blended together, my husband Spencer’s favorite dishes are slow-cooked, comfort foods. Lasagna (also called shovelware in our house), meatloaf, chili are his dine at home faves, along with home-made Mexican-style fish sandwiches.
Spencer also loves what I call instant treats–fast, easy to make snacks–always with strong flavors.
Some of his favorites (Guarantee: I’ve sampled them all within the past 60 days)
Classico Sun-dried pesto tomato sauce spread on matzoh–we dubbed this Jewschetta.
Baco-bits club sandwich: Toasted whole wheat bread with fresh sliced tomatoes, lettuce, mayo and veggie baco bits. (That nice shake of the the fake tastes great.)
Corn tortillas– filled with cheese and browned.
Spencer used to also eat popcorn sprinkled with Butter Buds, mayonnaise sandwiches on white bread, and canned franks and beans.
He’s not into these things anymore; now he snacks on veggie burritos, soy corn dogs, and crackers with mustard and cheese.
Note: In exchange for my writing about Spencer’s food faves, I had to agreed to confess that my “style of eating grapes is so wierd it could be a National Gegraphic special,” and to tell you all that I made him lunch to bring to work every day for almost a year, but that I took a neat little bite out of the sandwich every morning. There, now you know.