Hiring: AOL Seeks VP of Strategic Development

A friend on a listserv passed me this job description for a hire at AOL for a VP, Strategic Development, based in Virginia. The HR rep, who undoubtedly did not work for AOL 12 months ago, says this position is ” a phenomenal opportunity to develop an integrated product strategy which represents the core needs of all businesses across AOL.”
More from the description:
“We need a strong product marketer and creative thinker who love to be online and PUTS CONSUMER NEEDS first. Â Our ideal executive will have a successful history of CREATION OF member-centered product innovation experience.
The ideal candidate must have tremendous passion for creating an outstanding consumer online experience, with solid knowledge of Internet technology. S/he must have experience working with partners, a good understanding of the online market and evolving online trends.
This candidate must be a very strong leader with the ability to both make decisions quickly, as well as change product and strategic direction to respond to dynamic market conditions. The ideal candidate must have a pragmatic approach to product development, and always understand the perspective of the mainstream consumer. ”
The job description also suggests the ideal candidate have “a flexible nature; able to change responsibilities comfortably.”
Given that AOL has just laid off 450 people in Mountain View, some of whom mustundoubtedlyoubtly possessed some of these qualities, one wonders if there are additional, unwritten job requirements that are just as important.
Might they be as follows:
–Must be new to organization, untainted by political battles among Executive Vice Presidents;
–Male, preferably the friend of a senior executive, as most VPs brought into the organization have been over the past 3 years;
–Willing to relocate to Bangalore, India, Dublin, Ireland, or Columbus, OH in 6-12 months, depending on what latest reorg of the company requires.
If you want to see the whole job description, go to mbajobs@yahoogroups.com and check the archives…and good luck.