Knight-Ridder Digital: Interview with Hilary Schneider

E&P Q&A with Hilary Schneider, going into her second year as head of Knight-Ridder Digital. Former CEO of Times Mirror Interactive, Schneider also served as CEO of Red Herring Communications Inc.,, then joined Knight-Ridder Digital, now America’s third largest online newspaper group.
Schneider on blogs: “As newspaper companies, we have to ask ourselves: what does it mean to allow a reporter to publish under the media brand directly to the Web — without any editing? This is different than traditional editorial workflow, which has multiple levels of editorial checks and balances. To provide transparency to users, blogs should be clearly labeled: what is edited by us, what is written by us but published in real-time, and what is self-published by other users. The business model to sustain this kind of publishing is still to be determined, but to reference, we think user-generated content, powered by social networking, has potential to drive traffic, revenue, and listings in our local markets.”
The interesting thing for KRD and other newspaper sites is how to use blogs to create next-generation business models–driving both frequency of use/retention by their audience–through the development of rich content in specific behavorial and interest niches.
Is anyone interested in figuring it out? Those who do, will profit.