Moment of truth: The Diet Approaches

What does it take to stop saying you’re going to diet and start to really do it? Fear? Desperation? Determination? Discipline?
I’d say all of the above play a role in starting a diet, but that discipline and determination are key factors in continuing one.
And, if your goal is weight loss, managing your exercise as well as your food intake is critical.
I lost 30 lbs 3 1/2 years ago, kept it all off for 2 years, then gained it all back–18 of it in the past year or so (ugh).
2004 is when I am going to lose it again. And hopefully, keep it off this time.
Blogging this means my friends are going to bring this up when we get together, which means I am making what feels like a pretty public annoucement about a fairly private thing–my weight is one of those things, along with my salary, that I’ve always feel secretive about.
So, this announcement…2004 is the year of the diet and going to the gym.
This week I am going to start pulling together diet, exercise, and support group plans. Also cutting back on sweets and starches.
Jan 1…time to go for it.
By May, I want to be 20 lbs lighter; by July, 30 lbs.
And keep it off this time.