My blogging Christmas presents

We’re onto the vanilla custard, to be turned into banana cream pies, and Zack is at the stove stirring, so I am back at the newsreader.
Just got my best blogging Christmas present ever–a peek at Ross Mayfield’s weblog and the realization this blog is listed as #5 on his Top 150 list. Thank you, Ross!
I will keep the gushing down and just say that Ross is one of the people I haven’t met since I came back to Silicon Valley that I am eager to meet, so this is mutual interest..when I started blogging, he was running the blogging tribe on Ryze, and I read his blog frequently trying to figure out the different ways people were expressing themselves in this medium.
The other gifts are also great readers and linkers– Michael Gartenberg(twice in a week), in particular. Linking and commenting are the two sure ways to know(in the absence of decent referrer logs), who’s checking in, aka who I am actually writing to and for.
Thanks, guys, and have a great holiday.