New York Rains: Quick takes on my visit

A morning of cold, steady rain in the Big Apple.
Have been having business meetings and seeing friends.
Social networking is less of a phenom to the digital folks here; one executive I met with yesterday said vehemently, describing his service, which has strong community aspects–“We’re not a social network site, like Friendster or Tribe!!!”
To the big media magazine world friends I’ve seen blogs seem pretty off the list as well. One friend only knew what they were because of a recent NPR piece by poet Andrei Codrescu. Another said, “But how do you make money from them?”
This makes my ricochet between NYC and the Valley all the more interesting; the Bay ares is filled with folks who want to build the ultimate next generation social network and or information service. Many of the people I am seeing in New York this trip look to the web to maximize their advertiser value and move their audience base into online transactions.
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