Paris Review: Gerard Malanga photos

The current issue of the Paris Review has a slide show of photos by Gerard Malanga and a piece about him. When I was 12 going on 20 and living in the burbs of New York, I discovered poets Robert Creeley, Robert Duncan, Alan Ginsberg and Gerard Malanga(!) and started travelling into NYC to the Gotham Book Mart to get their books.
A couple of years later, I attended my first reading at the Saint Marks Poetry Project and was floored to realize that the handsome, Jim-Morrison pretty man in the second row, wearing a deep blue velvet suit, was Malanga. He may have been my first literary crush.
The photos in this slide show collection are all literary; Malanga took lots of other cool photos, like the Patti Smith/Robert Maplethorpe one, below, and is still shooting away.

Kind of a large photo, ain’t it?