Primedia: New CEO for

Primedia CEO Kelly Conlin’s clearly got plans for According to a recent press release, Conlin has r replaced former CEO and co-founder Bill Day with former IDG and DexEx exec Peter Horan.
Says Conlin:””As one of the founders of, Bill Day has played an important role in the growth of its business. We want to thank him for his efforts to integrate within PRIMEDIA and wish him well in the future.”
What are the new plans?
Read the tea leaves in Horan’s press-release quote:
“This is an exciting opportunity to develop more and better opportunities for that will advance PRIMEDIA’s overall strategy for delivering
highly relevant content to focused audiences. The recent partnership formed with Google will accelerate the opportunity to be market
leaders, demonstrating online media’s unique value to both users and marketers. We want to be the trusted source for the information
people need to make decisions that influence their quality of life — such as family, home, education and health — and our unique editorial guides system allows us to fulfill that mission by tapping the best experts for each topic across the network.”
Given the size of their network,and traffic, there’s some major opportunity there.