Scott Rosenberg on Tony Kushner and beating Bush

Scott Rosenberg has a post on playwright Tony Kushner’s interview in Mother Jones.
Kushner says “Anyone that the Democrats run against Bush, even the appalling Joe Lieberman, should be a candidate around whom every progressive person in the United States who cares about the country’s future and the future of the world rallies. Money should be thrown at that candidate…The GOP has developed a genius for falling into lockstep. They didn’t have it with Nixon, but they have it now. They line up behind their candidate, grit their teeth, and help him win, no matter who he is.”
Scott comments that “if you’re keeping up with the blogosphere you may be sick to death by now of reading about the power of many-to-many decentralization, “social software” but that “most of the Washington press corps remains utterly and pathetically clueless about what has already happened during this election cycle.”