Some thoughts on (my) blogging & life

It’s been almost a year since I left corporate life (January 2003), and 10 months since I started blogging (March 2003). Some observations:
1) Now that I am (mostly) not working in an office, blogging is a way to talk with and feel connected to colleagues. It’s an opportunity to share ideas and be recognized for them. Unlike traditional journalism, it has a collegial give and take(check out Jarvis’ comment sections for a great example of what I mean)
2) I’m a bit of a hybrid, as a blogger and a professional–on one hand, I have these deep media ties and interests that are somewhat East-coasted focused; on the other, I have a passion for, and experience with, consumer software and product development that is tied to the Valley and SF. Oh yes, and I am a total pop culture junkie, with a taste for trash.
And, finally, I’m pretty apolitical–or, at least, I don’t enjoy writing about politics.
3) Blogging as a diary of ideas. For about 15 years, I kept a journal, first in paper notebooks, then in digital files on my computer. I stopped because I was too busy, and tired of all that reflection. Now, my blogging is a form of a journal, but much more about what I’ve seen and heard and thought about that what I’ve done or felt in my personal life.
4) I am still in transition. But that’s okay. The turns in the road can be the most interesting.
(Inspired by Dina Mehta’s post on a similar topic, thanks, D)