Used Car Stories #2: The Vintage Mercedes Diesel

So, there was a second car for us to look at—a 984 Mercedes 300D Turbo diesel, with 300,000 miles on it. The seller was an agent for a local nonprofit that got people to donate cars for a tax break (and maybe a short cruise trip), and then sold them and used the cash. This baby belonged to a doctor’s widow, supposedly, who was living a quiet live(as used car salesman say).
The car needs brake pads, alignment, new tires, but the engine, transmission, and all moving parts seem to work just fine.
We cruised up and down 680 a bit, checking out how it did at 75, pumped the (almost expired) brakes on the local roads, came back and bought it on the spot.
Tomorrow we’ll get it insured and registered and then Zack can take it out on the road.
Here’s a similar car, offered for sale by someone else (for more than we paid)

What a great first car! I am really excited about it…it’s got this retro embassy car feel that I like.

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  1. archy says:

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  2. Jet says:

    I hoped that all worked out for you. I know some of these types of deals turn out bad. Some of the cars have been in floods and such.

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