Yahoo’s Top Searches of 2003

From the department of pop culture, search and directory division comes Yahoo’s lists of Top Searches for 2003. As our friend Mark the weight-lifter would say, “This is the funnest.”
Would you have guessed that KaZaA would be the #1 search term? Or that NASCAR would be #9., and WWE #7? (This is the moment when I debate whether to refrain from making bitchy remarks about how Middle America and teenager-ish and picking up the mantle from AOL this list is–Instead of saying that, perhaps the main point is about changing behavior patterns in acquiring music–and the need for clearer policies in DRM.)
What’s “funnest” for me are the bonus lists of Top News Searches, Top Diet Searches, Most Common Misspellings of Arnold Schwarzenegger, Top Jennifer Searches, Top Rumor Searches, Top Iraq related searches–the staff did a great job coming up with categories. And the graph charting the skyrocketing searches for Paris Hilton post porn-tape and pre-TV show release is priceless, probably one of the top 5 pop culture artifacts of the year.
Oh yes, and our girl Paris was one of the Top 10 search terms, right along with 50Cent and Christina Aguilera–not bad for someone whose main talent seems to be attracting publicity.