• What a week–and soon back to NY

    It’s been a very hectic week–some ongoing projects, and preparing proposals for some possible projects. Plus pulling off Zack’s surprise party and getting ready to go back to NY(again) this week for a few days. I have been the opposite of calm…always feeling pulled by everything there is to get done. On the plus side,… Continue Reading

  • YASN: Will Google launch Orkut mail?

    What if Orkut became the email engine Google was thinking about building? ” Friendster for grownups” as David Ross dubbed it this am, seems to be having very viral growth, with hundreds of thousands of folks piling on in the first 2 weeks. So why not Orkut mail? And perhaps Orkut RSS reader pages as… Continue Reading

  • Amazing moments in the blogosphere

    What looks like a new blog–and blogger?– Patricia Just Mind Musing. First entry says: Thank you to Susan Mernit for your inspiration without the realization of our being present, watching and understanding in more ways than most will ever be able to comprehend. Wow. I am speechless. Thank YOU for whatever good thing it was… Continue Reading

  • Spalding Gray story

    Cover story in NY magazine on missing writer and performer Spalding Gray, tracing his history, family, and relationships. The piece is a mix of intimate and touching, and earnestly plodding—where he grew up, went to school, etc.–but it ends with an eerie kicker–the writer implies that his wife, Katherine Russo, believes that Gray killed himself… Continue Reading

  • AOL: Bottomed out again?

    From the Washington Post: “We project [America Online] has bottomed out,” says Richard Parsons, chief of AOL parent Time Warner. “We will have to prove we have a sustainable model for growth of the business. Given that AOL has been telling staffers “this is the bottom” since at least Summer 2002, one wonders when the… Continue Reading

  • You know you’re in Silicon Valley when…

    You know you are in the Valley when: There’s a trail of orange peels on every street from people picking and eating oranges from the trees in the front yards as they walk along. Many of your neighbors bought their houses with stock options before the bubble burst. The health of the local economy is… Continue Reading