Bring on the navels

Our house has a very productive navel orange tree in the backyard–and it’s grown what seems like hundred of large, juicy navel oranges.
In the past 24 hours, I’ve picked approximately 150 oranges, given about 100 away, and eaten 3. Plan to eat lots more.

Irony is that my neighbors on both sides also have navel orange trees, as does the many two houses down on the corner, only none of them seem to be picking the fruit. My neighbor says “We’re just not orange people,” but she also didn’t pick the figs her tree grew, or the Meyer lemons. To me, growing oranges—good ones–in your backyard is one of the miracles of California–it doesn’t get more local than this.
It was tremendous fun today to give oranges away–a new friend and her daughter came over and helped me pick and walked away with some bags, I gave some to friends from San Francisco and Half Moon Bay. To me this is all amazing novel–and tasty–but then, I’m new here.