Congratulations, Eryth! US Soldier First to Marry in Baghdad

I have just l earned that my former Scholastic colleague Eryth Zecher, who is a U.S Army captain stationed in Baghdad, got married in this past December–in Iraq.
She and her new husband are the first soldiers to do so.

According to the story in the Rocky Mountain News: “Zecher…enlisted two Iraqi friends to help her find a wedding dress. They brought her only one to try on, a gown imported from Lebanon….What her groom did not know…is that since the Army has a no-lingerie policy, beneath all that finery, she was wearing boxer shorts. And upon her feet, the feet hidden by the long drape of tulle and beaded lace, she wore sweat socks. ”
Eryth, congrats to you and your new husband! Hope you both stay safe and well.

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  1. Rob Mazzetti says:

    It is remarkable and somewhat fitting that Eryth married in Iraq. She was also the first to rappel down eleven floors of Swig dormitory at Santa Clara University in 1986. Well done! And here’s to a quick and safe return.

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