Dinner party in Belmont

Tonight was a great together for folks working together on a startup I’ve been advising. One of the team was kind enough to host it at his house–and kind enough to make a kick-ass main course as well, btw. It was tremendous fun to hang with these folks, most of whom–but not all—-only know from the office.
One thing that becamse obvious is that we all share a love of eating well–each guest brought one course. So from the appetizer starters of assorted olives, great sheep and goats milk cheeses (including my favorite, Humboldt Fog), artichoke dip, crackers and veggies–to the stellar main course of panfried and sauteed salmon (or chicken breast) with red and yellow pepper coulis, throgh the broccoli garlic and green bean/carrott/walnut butter dishes, to the “Maybe I can have just one more piece” indulgence of raspberry and blueberry lemon custard tart–we all outshone ourselves.
The conversation was also interesting–from SARS and civet cats to (predicatably) politics to colonizing Mars.